Find your balance – Osteopathy & Yoga Retreat

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Find your balance Tap into the unbounded potential of your consciousness Osteopathy & Yoga Retreat

Friday 30 march,Saturday 31 march,Sunday 1 April 2018

Sardinia, Bosa (OR), via Lungo Temo de Gasperi 71

Karina Arenas Bonansea Yoga Teacher,

Jordi Mosoll Allue

Ayurvedic Massage with Water and Spiritual Energy Massage

Massage with Water following the tradition of Monaci Erranti

To celebrate thirty years of practice Alida Dal Degan and “Ayurveda Monaci Erranti” is offering two training courses hosted by MIVA, a holistic association in Bosa.

Ayurvedic Massage with Water  and  Spiritual Energy Massage – Mantra and Touch to Heal