Biodynamic craniosacral therapy

biodynamic craniosacral therapy in bosa sardinia


This is a type of osteopathic massage and energy balancing treatment which focuses on stimulating the natural healing mechanisms of the body. It is based on ‘listening’ to the deep movements of ‘primary respiration’. According to Doctor Sutherland, the founder of the discipline, our body has the resources necessary for good health, even in situations of stress or illness. The aim of treatment is to reawaken and rediscover our innate equilibrium.

‘Primary respiration’ is the breath of life, manifesting through the relationship between the external enviroment and the nervous system, the bones, the muscles, the internal organs – all theparts of our body. There is a natural equilibrium and if this is disrupted, the body suffers.

‘Listening to the breath of life’ is the most important aspect of treatment. The person being treated and the practitioner enter into a sacred space of silence. light and serenity, where time is suspended and the movement of wellbeing is unblocked. The practitioners hands ‘listen’ with wisdom and meditative detachment to the turbulent movements of subtle fluids, working to bring the nervous system to a state of stillness and calm, allowing a natural regeneration of the system.


Treatment is suitable for anyone: people who suffer from stress, who have suffered shock or trauma, elderly people, children, adolescents, pregnant women, babies. For very young babies it serves to re-establish natural the equilibrium with the mother following birth. It is indicated for dyslexic disorientation. Biodynamic craniosacral therapy can be used for singers, teachers, and all those who use their voice in their work. In harmony with the whole body it encourages the opening of the diaphragm and promotes the strength and brilliance of the voice which supports the wellbeing of the vocal cords so as to avoid trauma and irreparable damage.

Practitioner: Raffaella Stellione

tel. +39 3333084462


availability: every day by appointment


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