Ayurvedic massage of the Wandering Monks tradition

holistic massage lymphatic drainage in bosa sardinia

Holistic massage is a total body massage. The use of warm scented oil – almond oil or ghee – mixed with natural essences from locally gathered Mediterranean herbs allows the hands to move smoothly over the body bringing calm, serenity, gentleness and quiet. Health and wellbeing rests amongst the fibres of our body and reawakening this is the aim of the treatment.

The massage is combined with osteopathic listening and biodynamic craniosacral work which directly contacts the nervous system, transporting the person who receives it to a peaceful state of lightness and awareness.

Holistic massage is suitable for all, including the elderly, pregnant and postpartum mothers, newborns and children.

Lympathic drainage massage is harmonious and gentle and has a deep effect on the tissues and lymphatic system. The treatment is cleansing, renewing and regenerating. The effect is to release blockages and eliminate cellular waste so as to encourage the flow  of lymph, stimulating the vital functions of the skin, tissues and internal organs. It combines readily with other treatments

I use the Vodder method.

Practitioner: Raffaella Stellione

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