Bruno Piantedosi

Bruno Piantedosi

I began my practice of Ayurvedic massage in 1992 when I took part in a course led by a student of Govindam. For the next ten years I offered massages to friends and acquaintances solely for the delight of doing so. In 2003 I decided to change my life and to dedicate myself to yoga and massage, making this my profession. I went to an ashram near Trivandrum in Kerala, India where I attended an intensive course taught by Dr. Nedungadi , director of a major Ayurvedic Clinic in Tamil Nadu. On my return to Italy, I studied Shiatsu at the “School of Zen Shiatsu and Qi Gong ” in San Pantaleo, Olbia.This training has given me the knowledge to create a connection with the recipient during an Ayurvedic massage – through the use of appropriate breathing, and movements which allow me to give the Abhyanga massage on a futon. I also have a beautiful massage table which was made in Kerala and which is reserved for special treatments .

Abhyanga is a rejuvenating massage whose hallmark is the use of warmed oils that are applied all over the body, soaking deep into the skin. The oils I use are prepared personally by me using essences of both Indian origin and also others derived from the plants of Sardinia.
The treatment lasts an hour and a half.