Elena Ranaldo

Elena Ranaldo

After graduating from university I undertook the study and practice of Shiatsu. More than twelve years of continuous professional practice and research has convinced me that the expression of the body is an infallible and authentic communication.

I trained in Italy and abroad. I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with the innovative master Jeffrey Yuen and attended seminars to advance my knowledge at AMSA – the Medical Association for the Study of Acupuncture – and the Xin Shu Study Centre in Rome. I continue to study energetic massage, herbal medicine, lymph drainage massage, and elastic taping applied to energetic meridians. In 2006 I brought Shiatsu into the social sector working at Project H cooperative with people with both physical and mentality disability.

I participate in professional development seminars with foreign and Italian masters to update my learning and understanding and to facilitate my personal and professional growth.

Sessions take place in convenient and comfortable surroundings. People receiving treatment wear loose clothing and lie down on a futon. Massage with thumbs, palms and elbows is paired with stretching and joint mobility exercises. Treatments are individual and vary from session to session according to the needs of the client/patient.