yoga in bosa sardinia

Yoga is an ancient discipline based on a harmonious system of balanced development of consciousness and the awareness of being human.

In Sanskrit, the word yoga is formed from two words: “yo” which means union and “ghan ” which means awareness. Yoga could be defined as the path which unites the individual with the universal, leading to a reawakening of being human. In simpler words, it is the oldest method of personal growth and balance.

Hatha Yoga is an organic system of exercises consisting of asanas – physical positions, and Pranayama – a purifying breathing practice, accessible to all and aiming to improve all aspects of one’s condition.

Yoga is a practice formulated on concepts that must be directly experienced by the student, as only direct experience allows us to understand who we are. In this sense, yoga can be likened to a science. Thanks to a heightened awareness and focus, we can deepen our connection with the different spheres in which we move: the physical, the emotional and the mental. Regular practice helps us develop the strength and wellbeing necessary to cope with the stress and worries that arise from modern life.

If a person follows the path of yoga they will perceive they are not meant to be a cell separate from the body, or an island alone in the sea. Instead – as a Zen sage said, “Everyone knows that the droplet is contained in the ocean but few know that the ocean is contained in the droplet.”


Instructor: Silvia Rosi

Tel: + 39 3392086102




Monday and Wednesday 18.00 to 19:30; Friday 20.00 to 21.30

In summer: Monday and Wednesday 18.30 to 20.00; Friday 20.00 to 21.30


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