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Shiatsu is an experience that transports you beyond linear time and physical space. The pressure applied through the hands moves the Ki energy and with it memories, thoughts and images. It gives flexibility to the body, loosens blockages, regulates vital functions and gives equilibrium and stability. Shiatsu brings you back to your centre, gives brightness to your eyes and clarity to your mind. It opens your heart – and in that moment you feel better.

Shiatsu is a treatment which uses pressure applied by thumbs, palms and elbows on the body. It uses the Eastern system of Meridians or Energy Paths which is founded on the ancient healing techniques of traditional Chinese medicine which were later codified in Japan.

Pressure is applied with respect always being paid to the energetic condition of the recipient, in order to produce a stimulating effect of deep renewal and full expression of vital resources.

The benefits of Shiatsu on the symptomatic and preventive level are the result not of a process aimed at treating disease but rather a natural process of self-healing connected to a general improvement of life force and vitality.

It is suitable for:
– physical pain , stiffness, headache , back pain
– menstrual pain
– fatigue , lethargy or lack of energy , stress
– anxiety or depression.

The effect of treatment is both physical and psychological. It becomes a form of meditation that leads to a profound state of relaxation and a calm and serene awareness of one’s body and emotions.

Shiatsu treatments are given in a convenient and comfortable environment. The recipient wears comfortable clothes and usually lies on a futon. The application of pressure with thumbs, palms and elbows is paired with stretching and joint mobility exercises .

Every treatment is individual and is designed according to the needs of the recipient.

Practitioner : Elena Ranaldo
tel . 3474891479
email: elena.ranaldo @
Availability : by appointment


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