ayurveda in Bosa Sardinia

As a method of treatment Ayurveda is not only based on deep philosophical, clinical and therapeutic thought – it also embodies a philosophical and scientific vision which is wide-ranging and linked to the observation of nature. Ayurveda considers that humans are part of the natural environment – that  good health depends not only on our own resources but also on being in balance with our environment. Many Ayruvedic remedies are made from plants, flowers and minerals.

Ayurveda deals with physical, mental and spiritual health and treats both normal and pathological conditions.  According to Ayurveda, health is not just the absence of disease, but rather a consistent state of fulfilment and well-being; a state of physical, mental and spiritual happiness. The concept of equilibrium expressed in Ayurveda is not just about the perfect functioning of the various systems and structures of the psyche and spirit, but also extends to a contented co-existence with oneself.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage  both uses steady  rhythmic movements across the whole body and also directly focuses on specific points of vital energy. The person receiving the massage lies down on the Droni – the classical Ayurvedic massage table. Warm oil (almond oil or ghee) infused with aromatic essences of Mediterranean macchia herbs is applied. Treatment leaves the skin regenerated and pleasantly scented. The massage last about one and a half hours. The technique used was learned from Doctor Nedungadi, founder of an Ayurvedic clinic in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, who teaches in depth courses in the Sivananda ashram in Kerala.


Practitioner: Bruno Piantedosi

tel. +39 333 944 9123

email: rothaaa@yahoo.it

Availability: by appointment


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