Regenerating essential oil massage

essential oil massage in bosa sardinia

The essential oil massage, supported by a treatment of the energetic points, gives you a pleasing sensation of relax and vitality. Flowing movements and deep pressures liberate you from stress and muscle aches. It encourages the processes of regeneration and slows cellular aging. This powerful personalised massage let the senses live the benefits of the properties of the essential oils.

The dynamic blend of essential oils accord with the individual needs of the person, in fine harmony with the spirit, thanks to the specific  properties of the plants.

Benefits of the essential oil massage:

– relaxation: enveloping massage over whole body

– openness and lightness: movements and lengthening of articulations and muscles

– vitality: pressure on the energetic points of the meridians

– regeneration: rubbing wih essential oil in specific areas of the body

Facial Massage

“Kobi-do” is the facial massage according to the traditional japanese medicine.

It improves the natural condition of the skin and in this way  enhances our beauty. It make a strong contribution to the vital energy end consequently to our health. It gives us a nurtured facial skin, well-being and calm, while a sense of relax pervades the whole body.

This treatment strengthens the facial muscles, stimulates the nervous system and the lymphatic system. It improves the blood circulation, tones the facial muscles, eliminates toxins and impurities. Furthermore it fosters the production of new cells, using quick and rhythmic taps.

The result is a toned, hydrated, luminous skin.



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